Joshua Unit 

location recording,

TV, documentary, drama,

Podcast. editing sound

and home voice over recording.

music recording.

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My Story

The Journey from Then to Now

I have been working in recording dialogue and sound in the UK  for the last 10 years

with a focus on mixing film, tv documentary and reality fly on the wall with multiple cameras using my kit of radio microphones audio recorder and boom microphones.

On a normal day of work, I will be collaborating closely with the producer's director's wardrobe and camera to capture the emotion of dialogue without having to go to ADR. Asking if there are any other aspects of the soundscape that might need to be recorded for post-production. 

Depending on the project I can be left alone or work in groups or HOD in my own department. 

That being said I am also willing to boom operate and work in  AS1 2nd utility and any other sound departments roles.

I am very easy to work with and have worked in very harsh climates from -30 on an iced river in the arctic circle to +48 degrees interviewing in India also filming on a boat sailing in the English channel in choppy waters. 

I am mentally and physically prepared for that type of shoot. I've been brought up around farm animals and used to working around large machines like Catapiller diggers and earthmovers

I am friendly and will bring a smile to the set. 

DBS checked for 2020

clean UK full driving licence

PPE trained


Getting the best sound on Location

Basic kit set up

A standard kit for interviews

comprising of SoundDevices latest 833 mixers
Sennheiser  MKH 50 mkh8060 MKH416 microphones


Lectrosonics, Micron explorer radios with DPA 4060 lavaliers, Time code.

this is a great option if you need soundscapes and fx for computer games and audiobooks

short films corporate interviews and

live music capture.


Short film and tv feature kit cart rig

I can create a rig to support up to 12 channels of audio

2 booms 10 radios

time code

IEM for script director and boom op.

feed to the digital village. 

Podcast recording 

Setting up in many different locations let it be an office your home I can record your personal podcast and edit it for upload.

recording up to 8 people

acoustic live music recording 



Production sound equiment

Top-of-the-Line Tech


Sound devices 833 12 channel mixer


Sennheiser MKH 50 indoor microphone

Sennheiser mkh416, mkh8060 outdoor 

Shure sm7b

rode nt55



micron explorer wireless 

Lectrosonics wireless

Sennheiser camera hops

lav microphones 

Dpa 4060

sankin Cos 11


Directors and script supervisor


and boom op with cans

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